Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth may cause embarrassment and reduce our self-confidence and self-esteem. Several factors are responsible for the yellow color of the teeth. Firstly, advancing age exposes the natural yellow coloration of the outer layer: dentin. Secondly, inadequate and insufficient dental hygiene typically results in yellow coloring. Dietary habits can contribute to discoloration, stains, and yellowish color. For instance, beverages such as coffee and tea, tobacco, and some color imparting substances produce yellow coloring. It should be noted that yellow might be the natural teeth color of some individuals. In this case, all teeth will have identical yellowish coloring. If the color of teeth tends to vary, this condition may be due to discoloration and stains.

Dental hygiene is among the most essential factors in avoiding yellow teeth. Proper and regular brushing is important for maintaining the natural coloring of the teeth. Individuals who consume coffee or use tobacco products are advised to cut back or quit. Alternatively, they should brush and floss after the consumption of such products. Whitening toothpastes also contribute to the removal of stains and yellow coloration. The whitening mouthwash is helpful if stains are present in small amount. The reason is that the agent acts on the teeth for a short period of time. Home use bleaching products remove yellow coloring more effectively. However, the teeth and the gums may be sensitive to the bleaching substance.

The whitening strips work in the same manner as the bleaching agents. They may produce similar discomfort to the teeth and gums. Bleaching trays may be purchased at the dentist office. This option is effective for highly stained teeth. Again, the higher concentration of bleaching substances may cause discomfort. A follow-up visit to the dentist office is typically required. Another effective method uses hydrogen peroxide in a combination with blue light technology. This procedure has few side effects in comparison to others. Moreover, the whitening effects should last a couple of years.

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